When enough is finally enough...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Have you ever felt fed up? Well that isn't even half of the story. Fed up comes with many phases and it is not fun.

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I have been in enough relationships to know what feels right and what doesn't. I also know that in the moment of time you us humans don't think properly. The first phase to "fed up" is the feeling of uncertainty. They always say, "if something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't." Take charge of your emotions and think logically when making decisions. It takes a smart person to be in touch with their feelings in a time of distress.

In no way, shape, or form am I perfect. I am battling this same "fed up" feeling and slowly moving past it. I'm sharing to let everyone know that I understand and there is someone out their who is going through the same situation.

I read on Rare Thoughts that relationships are based on relationships. What this means is that you have build friendships (non-intimate) before committing to someone. People have to base an intimate relationship on their other relationships with people around them. Jumping into a relationship with a rocky home life (such as family problems) would be detrimental to that new relationship. Your mind and heart has to be ready for the emotional attachments that relationships bring. It's a complicated situation but every relationship is different.

So when is enough really enough? When you feel a clot in your throat and you feel like you can't breathe...enough is finally enough. It takes a lot of emotional build up to come this, but it happens (a lot). Enough is enough when you don't feel the need to cry, scream, or anything. When everything you do to get through to your significant other doesn't work , enough is finally enough. If you're in an abusive relationship, that is a story for a different post.

Take control in your relationships and know your worth. If you have a boyfriend like mine, no is never an option. BUT you have to set limits early on and they will be second nature to them. I don't claim to know everything, I am just putting my experiences out there. This post is for those who don't see the signs of "fed up."


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