I am



a creative being;

a shower singer;

a mirror dancer;

a personal style enthusiast;

an indecisive thinker;


a writer;

an optimist;

an estranged thinker;

a student;

an artist (in my mind);

computer geek;

a very beautiful person;

with a beautiful soul to match :)

I have always told myself that I would start a blog. Well now i'm finally doing it and sticking to it. I am a mixture of fun, crazy, lovable, and stylish. I am inspired by almost everything. Born and raised in Columbus, GA, now residing in the illustrious Atlanta, GA. I attend the Savannah College of Art and Design as a Fashion Marketing and Merchandising major.
I am wrapped up in a series of stories, lies, tears, and creativity. I take almost everything literal and I am bad with remembering things. I enjoy all things simple and beautiful. I love to shop and I am a proud member of Bargain Shoppers :)

Even though I love fashion and it's what I want to  do with my life, I do not follow trends and I am not someone who hunts down the newest collections. I can't afford none of those things so why should I torture myself with their couture?

I am taken and happily in love. My family is my main priority and then my friends. I love God and he loves me. I love food and writing about nonsense. This blog is a lifestyle blog. A blog about MY life and my different adventures, advice, and poems. Enjoy.